Thursday, January 28, 2010

FBI Arrests 'Final Bosses Of The Internet' [lol]

Second US man admits DDoS attack on Scientology
From all the hype on this story, you'd think the FBI and Scientology, after two years, had single-handedly cracked the secretive underworld of Anonymous by arresting and placing in custody two of upper echelon leaders (or final boss(es) of the internet) that they believe are controlling the, often stereotyped nefarious, group (or hackers on steroids, lol). ~ Mettenbrink, 20, of Nebraska, said he downloaded custom software from a message board controlled by the anti-Scientology group known as Anonymous with the intent of inflicting damage to the COS, or Church of Scientology. He was the second individual to plead guilty in the attacks. In October 2008, Guzner, then an 18-year-old from Verona, New Jersey, admitted he also helped carry out the attacks.

A poster at sums it up nicely:
You're missing the idea behind Anonymous.
We are not Anonymous because we hide our names.
We are Anonymous because our names mean nothing.
We are disillusioned mundane people who are nothing and mean nothing.
We are something only as a Legion.
We are fans of Fight Club, but without illusions, a leader or a purpose. And with more malice.
We are tired with the system, and break it when and where we can.
Our only powers are numbers, variety and unpredictability.
Losing one or two of us means nothing.

They try to give a name to the threat, by providing the name of one of the people behind the Anonymous. That's like trying to fight avalanche by removing two rocks from it and giving them names.
Where's Your Head At?
Seems they just can't wrap their heads around this fact: Anonymous is a constantly sub-dividing, splintering group. Also, this really wreaks havoc in the Final Boss's HR department, trying to keep all those employee paychecks straight.[note: I submitted a sick-day slip last wednesday; how come i didn't get paid for it?]

Rocketboom, fortunately, has been documenting the constantly changing intertubes landscape in a video series titled: Know Your Meme. Below is the installment entitled Chanology, which should get your dual-core back up to speed, if you're unfamiliar with the term.

Tip of the 'ol gavel to WWP.

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