Thursday, January 28, 2010

Idol: Scientologist Freaks Simon Out [video]

...along with the rest of the panel.
american idol- scientology singer
On American Idol, a 2nd generation Scientologist, Austin Fullmer, auditioned in front of a creeped out panel of judges, consisting of Kara DioGuardi, Katy Perry, Simon Powell and Randy Jackson with his rendition of Mick Jagger Does Cheap Trick's Surrender.

He also learned that Hubbard's saying, "What is true for you is true for you" doesn't ring true in the court of Simon Powell.
Simon: Can't you just be happy doing that? (water-treatment tech)
Austin: Ehh, it's kind of boring. This (singing) is my purpose in life, I think.
Simon: No it's not.
Randy: [chuckle]
Simon: No, it's not your purpose in life....
At the end of the video the following can be heard: Are these people frisked before they come in here?
Also some comments from WWP:
He'll never clear the planet singing like that. He might clear the studio, though.
Billy Idol called, he wants you to stop immediately.

This is what happens when you are surrounded by people who will never tell you that you royally suck.

And finally, from Xenu's Twitter-Land, Kirstie Alley's daughter asks for a critique about her friend:
@kirstiealley Mum! Did you watch american idol last night??? if you did, please tell me what you thought of Austin- hes Hollys cousin.. Love
Odd. No reply.

American Idol Los Angeles 2010: Austin Fullmer

Tip of the 'ol microphone to Smurf.

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