Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fowler Software Double Shooting 1 Dead, 1 Injured [update]

Tommy Ciancio, 42 - Rex Fowler, 58Search Warrants Issued
denver post ~ "The Adams County Sheriff's Office continued its investigation Monday into a double shooting last week that left one man dead and one man in critical condition.

The Sheriff's Office plans to execute search warrants for vehicles at Fowler Software Design, where Tommy Ciancio, 42, was fatally shot Wednesday. Rex Fowler, 58, was still in critical condition Monday at Denver Health Medical Center.

Ciancio, who was chief operating officer at Fowler's computer company, initially was thought to be the gunman. However, the coroner ruled that his death was a homicide.

Sheriff's Capt. Michael McIntosh said the department has requested an interview with Fowler, but his medical condition did not allow that.

News CBS4 Denver

Eye Witness Account VIA Facebook/WWP
[photos gleaned from Channel4 news report above]
fowler softwareUpdated information obtained from one witness: "...My office is right across the street from the crime scene approx. 300 feet away & several people in my building watched the events unfold for the entire 4-5 hours.

We first noticed a lot of police cars showing up on the scene. This is not unusual as there is a halfway house right next to the crime scene. The police are there often. Then we noticed that the police were bent over a person laying on the sidewalk. When they finally got him to sit up I could see that the side of his head & the entire front of his shirt were bright red. I realized it had to be blood. Two officers helped the man to his feel & put handcuffs on him. (absolutely positive about this. Heidei McGuire the channel 9 News reporter confirmed it with police & said so on the air.)

fowler software On the news that night they stated that it is standard police policy to handcuff everybody who is in the building or possibly involved until they can sort out who is the victim & who is the suspect. Next they walked the man a half a block to the ambulance. He was a little wobbly but walked all the way.

While this was going on we noticed there was no traffic on 84th street & as more police vehicles were pulling up they were parking sideways to the crime scene building. All the police were looking towards the building & there were a lot of guns drawn, all pointed towards the building.

denver swat team I don't know what "area search" the news people were talking about. There was never any question that the building was where the suspect was. We heard on the radio that there were 2 people shot at one point. So the police were completely focused the entire time on the building where Tom Ciancio was eventually found.

We did not witness any "searching the area". The police went to several houses & business's (Burger King & The Vets Clinic) & evacuated the occupants. They told other business's to keep everybody inside that "there is an active shooter".

denver swat teamAt one point I counted over 22 police cars (marked & unmarked) at least 10 SWAT vehicles & numerous ambulances & fire trucks & over 70 law enforcement personnel, including Snipers right outside our windows. We heard one of the snipers say that he had "a clear shot through all the basement windows".

About 3 hours after the whole thing started we heard that Tom Ciancio's sister was in route to the site. Right then the SWAT team came around the corner of 83rd ave. & Elati st. There were about 25 of them marching in formation towards the building in full SWAT dress. It was very impressive. They paused a minute in front of the building before quickly going in. They came out about 20-25 minutes later. We heard on the police scanner website that the suspect was found dead inside..."

Insider Anonymous Tip On Rex Fowler's Present Condition
rex fowler facebook
VIA Admin at WWP: I have been sent information about the injury suffered by Rex Fowler, which has been passed to me by someone who says they have a connection to the family.
He has an entry wound (bullet hole) under the chin. The bullet traveled through his tongue, through the roof of his mouth, through the sinuses, through the frontal lobe and exited out the top of his head.
His mouth is wired shut and he is heavily sedated.

More, as it becomes available.

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