Monday, January 4, 2010

LasVegas: No Charges Against Anonymous Protester [update]

From WWP we learn that today in Las Vegas NV,"NO CHARGES FILED" against Colby Schoolcraft (aka: cameranonymous), after waiting for police to decide whether to ask the district attorney to file charges against Schoolcraft last year.

Las Vegas Law Enforcment: Back-Peddlers On Steriods
kendrick moxon scientology lawyerSherman, set the Wayback Machine for November 2009 when in:

Las Vegas police arrested Schoolcraft, 23, during the raid for allegedly making threats against the Church of Scientology over the internet from the insistence of top attorneys for the Los Angeles-area-based church.

They had reportedly asked police to investigate Schoolcraft, a camera buff who has posted videos on YouTube of his group’s protests outside the Las Vegas Scientology church. Both the Web posting and the videos were put up under the screen name “cameranonymous.”

no charges against schoolcraftDuring the raid, the items SWAT officers and counterterrorism detectives took were several rifles, including a semi-automatic Yugoslavian AK-47, and numerous boxes and cases of ammunition along with computers and anti-Scientology materials.

Later, Justice of the Peace Eric Goodman then ordered Metro Police to return everything they seized in a midnight raid at the Las Vegas home of anti-Scientologist Colby Schoolcraft. Rasmussen said his client’s web posting was misinterpreted by police and the Scientology church, which the lawyer alleged has a history of trying to suppress the free speech rights of its critics.

Also in today's Las Vegas update, anonymous members metioned: "cameranonymous has gone out shooting today, in the desert, at our usual remote location, but has nothing to do with the shooting at the Federal Building.

We were at the courthouse, just a block away, although we were parked near the Federal Building, we must have left just moments before the shooting erupted.

Afterwards all of us went to breakfast at Blueberry Hill, but on the way home, passed some of the unusual Emergency Response vehicles en-route to the downtown area.

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