Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hubbard: Don't Make It Sound Science Fictiony [pic]

...unless you can profit from it.
scientology starwars luke
What's this, you say? A lost panel from the original Star Wars storyboard? Some refrigerator art off a George Lucas appliance? An illustration of a zombie-fied Luke Skywalker?

Nope, on all counts (close on the last one).

This is page 9 from Issue 142 (circa 1977 or 8), The Auditor, The Monthly Journal of Scientology. And it's an ad for one of L.Ron Hubbard's books: Have You Lived Before This Life?
"...Throughout all time there has been the question of past lives. Have YOU lived before? Dianetic techniques indicate that you have..."

Nothing like riding on the coattails of someone else's copyrighted work, eh, L.Ron?

Other than the package enhanced, sunk-eye Luke Skywalker in a storm-trooper uniform, who looks in dire need of the death-star restroom, the page also includes clip art of X-wing fighters flying towards the Death Star, the light-saber battle between Vader and Obi-Wan and R2-D2 beside Luke's home on Tatooine.(and what's with that gun?)

I'm sure Lucasfilm was overjoyed to learn that Star Wars was used to sell "...174 pages full of [Scientology related] data...". Click image below to see the ad in it's full glory:

scientology starwars
More Science-Fictiony Scientology from Family Guy
Not the actual Family Guy Blue Harvest season premiere episode Scientology out-take, but fan assembled from existing stills mixing with a leaked Blue Harvest soundtrack.

Tip of the 'ol Vader helmet to WWP.

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