Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nutter Sues XenuTV. Apparently Skipped Email 101

Crazy is as Crazy does
From Mark Bunker's blog @ XENUtv:

"John Bowen Brown II. He is the bright fellow who contacted me with allegations of being the leader on an international terrorist organization and hurling accusations against me that were baseless, ill formed and just plain wrong. He gave me permission to post our lengthy initial e-mail exchange on my website."

"Since that time he has periodically e-mailed some other baseless charges against me that usually result in him ending with “AND DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN!”.

"He never seems to realize that I don’t contact him. He contacts me and I respond. I never think of this guy until he sends me something in my email."

"I asked him why he was contacting me and he told me it was an automated invitation that sent an email to everyone in his mailbox. I asked him the simple question, “Why don’t you remove me from your mailbox?” That type of logic sends him to a tizzy of foot stomping and ended with him saying I should never contact him again."

"I get another email from him saying “Check out my photos on Facebook.” Another automated message showing that he didn’t take the simple step of removing my name from his frigging address book. Seems pretty simple. I never think of this nutcase until he contacts me and then he yells at me for contacting me. I wrote back to him a simple, “Really? You threaten me if I contact you and then you once again contact me to be your Facebook friend? You really are nutty.”

"Today, after a couple months of blissful Brown-free living, I got a letter from his attorney threatening me if I ever contact him again."

Scans of legal threat included on his blog.
Tip of the 'ol send button to WWP.

Jim Carrey: Crazy Man Ready For The Rubber Room

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