Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scientology Loses In Small Claims. Assets Frozen in AZ

On Wednesday, December 9th at the Phoenix Downtown Justice Court, the two small claims action filed by former Phoenix Org staff member , Slade Grove, was heard in front of a judge against the Church of Scientology of Arizona, for reimbursement of Org expenses that he personally paid while on staff and never was reimbursed.

It was small claims court, no lawyers required/allowed in civil actions. The judge made specific point to make sure that no one was a lawyer before it started.

The judge ruled in favor of Slade in both cases. Case ending in 07 in the amount of $1649.60 plus half court costs and in Case ending in 10 for $1239.00 plus half court costs.

The constant use of ad hominem and non sequitur by the local Scientology org staff did not please the judge one bit. Nor did Phoenix Org Executive Director, Karen Mosher, inability to follow simple instructions regarding cell phones go over well. Also, Mosher was reported as to making quite a scene after the judgment in Slade's favor.

Update: Today, a Judge signed off on a Write of Garnishment of Non-Wages against the Church of Scientology of Arizona for failure to pay the plaintiff, Slade Grove, former PES of the Phoenix Org, the money that he was awarded in two small claims actions last month in Maricopa County.

He was forced to take legal action against the Org since they didn't reimburse him for Org related expenses that he paid for while on staff. The Executive Director of the Scientology Phoenix Org, Karen Mosher, failed to issue payment even after the Judge ordered them to pay him.

The Writ was served on Wells Fargo, the Church's bank. Wells Fargo was ordered to freeze the various bank accounts belonging to the Church. Well Fargo will now have to file paperwork with the Court indicating the amounts of money in what accounts belong to the Church providing the court with insight into the financial health of the Church.

Once this is done, the Judge will then review the account information and order that Wells Fargo, pull money out of the defendant's accounts to satisfy the monetary judgment ordered by the court with interest.

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  1. I love the smell of good news in the morning! :)

    Good deal. Wise Judge. Caek all around!