Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Criminon Confesses Constipation Kerfuffle [video]

Couple of years ago, Criminon (AKA Jimmy Kimmel) had a faux interview, editing himself into the famous Tom Cruise video (that Scientology didn't want you to see).

Well seems as Criminon was still on the anti-Scientology bus when he made another Criminon faux video that surfaced (came out about same time as the above, but I never saw it) but this time, it seems, he's been kidnapped by Scientology OSA goons and forced to apologize for his constipation comedy shtick.

Get ready for a punny skit, 'cause this just turns into another video tea-bagging of Cruise, using every one of his movie titles in video confession, lol.

I have yet to see a post with both of these together, so.....

Tom Cruise Constipation Video Creator Kidnapped!

Tom Cruise: Scientology Constipation Video

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