Monday, February 22, 2010

Today-Tonight: Scientology's Secrects [video]

Channel 7 Australia ~ Today Tonight from down under broadcasts it's latest scathing report on the dark underbelly of the Cult of Scientology, combining reports from around the world.

"This story is not about religion. This report is what people do in the name of a religion."

Report includes interviews with ex-scientologists, current celebrity scientologists, snips from The Simpsons, scientology PI's caught red-handed, discussion on David Miscavige's alleged abuse of his staff.

bart simpson scientologyHere's a segment (thanks WWP) from Nancy Cartright's, the voice of Bart Simpson, interview:
  • Nancy Cartright: "Yeah, I believe in God ...describe God? .....(pulls face....) Wow... aaaah ....well I would say, for me, (more face pulling, laughs) ...a really personal question ...(laughs).
  • Brian Seymour: Well, it is, and you don't have to answer it's ah, we can move on if you don't want to answer it's entirely up to you.
  • NC: Yeah, um, (long pause)
  • BS: It's certainly not a test.
  • NC: Ok, no, I don't mind answering it, and I think God to me though, is .......I believe that there is .............a power .......that I am striving for, I think that the best way to describe that would be to name that God know .....and ideally, I would have to say that ....I am striving to be that God."
    [Uh, ok, Nancy. Dont't have a golden calf, man.]
Today-Tonight started investigating Scientology three years ago, during which time more and more defectors have spoken out against their former religion. Oh, and first-hand accounts of trying to leave.

And Scientology's response? They're all lairs. All of them. [Nice rebuttal, lol]

Today Tonight - Scientology's Secrets (feb.22.10 PT 1/3)

Today Tonight - Scientology's Secrets (feb.22.10 PT 2/3)

Today Tonight - Scientology's Secrets (feb.22.10 PT 3/3)

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