Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cruise/Holmes: The Interview [video parody]

Evan Ferrante Tom Cruise
Sneak preview of Mission Impossible 4? Nope. Evan Ferrante doing his Tom Cruise shtick again? Yep.

And I'm not complaining. This time, teaming up with, the faux tommy-boy comes up real short in a fake interview with Devon about his hold on his robot-bride, Katie Kate Holmes.

Got that? Not Katie. Kate.

Oh, this video is such a blessing. In fact, it's just magical... you'll see. Katie did. Uh, I mean Kate. Oh, Tom. You're impossible, times four.

See more of his antics on Ferrante's YouTube channel: evanskye

Tom Cruise and Katie Kate Holmes - In Love Faux Real?

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