Monday, March 1, 2010

CBS Moneywatch: Tough to Get a Refund on Salvation

larry anderson leaves scientology
[This is old news, but MSM is picking up on it now. Also, a re-post of the interview Anderson had with KQMT99.5 Denver,CO]
CBS Moneywatch ~ Larry Anderson wasn’t “saved” and he wants his money back.

In the process of making a refund claim, the Los Angeles actor is providing a detailed glimpse of the financial dealings of one of the nation’s most controversial faiths–the Church of Scientology.

In a nutshell, the church offers specific services for set fees that it will discount for those who pre-pay. Unlike my son’s orthodontist, who offered a paltry 5% off if I’d pay up-front for braces, the price-slashing Anderson received for prepaying donations was steep–30% to 45% off the salvation rack rates. Because Anderson had a change of heart before he received all of the paid-for religious services, he says he’s due a check.

In other churches, asking for your “donations” back would be met with confusion or derision. But the Church of Scientology not only offers a fee-schedule for enlightenment, it has a written refund policy.

Still, Anderson’s refund claim has become contentious. Understanding why requires some background... [continued @ CBS Moneywatch]

KQMT Larry Anderson Interview: Why I Left Scientology

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