Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Montage Lands Vegas Scientology In Hot Water

Update: According to leaker at WWP, "... It's part of staff recruitment for CC Vegas. When someone shows an interest, it's shown to them and then the dvd is locked back up the HCO. It's not for public distro ...". Video was uploaded to YouTube by leaker to demonstrate proof of existence.
Gawker ~ Scientologists just love copyright laws, because they allow them to demand that YouTube take down their extremely embarrassing internal videos. But when it comes to stealing other people's copyrighted material to make their own motivational cult films—that's different.

This terrifying Scientology motivational video, apparently designed to fire up Las Vegas Celebrity Center staffers to become an "ideal org," encourages members to "play for blood" and wage total war with spears and lasers against psychiatrists and then blast off into space to rid the galaxy of entheta, or something like that. It does so by way of clips from Star Wars, Braveheart, assorted Tom Cruise films, and Independence Day.

A spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox, which owns distribution rights to Lucasfilm's Star Wars series, wasn't aware of the video until we brought it to his attention.

"Well, we'd never seen it until you emailed me and didn't authorize it, so we're now investigating with Lucas and will take whatever next steps we have to," he said via e-mail.

Not long after, the video had disappeared from YouTube "due to a copyright claim by Lucasfilm Ltd."

But you can still view it, in all it's awesomeness, lol, at Gawker.

Tip of the one armed bandit to WWP.

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