Thursday, April 29, 2010

David Miscavige Turns The Big 50 Tomorrow

david miscavige birthday 50 Yep, the years a flying by faster than a DC-8 with Titan boosters strapped to it, because it's Scientology's current leader's, David Miscavige, 50th birthday (Friday, April 30th).

And just in time for it, internet activist group, Anonymous have released a list of 1000 people who’ve left his Church Cult — and spoken out against it.

And let's not forget this is the year that the media lost it's fear of reporting said 'cob'ulator's fair-gaming group.

They're writing up on everything from, the recently mentioned, sweetheart IRS deal he made back in the 90's to stories of his wrestlemania style beat-downs that he held at his 'Golden Error' desert compound.

Oh, and Davie, just to help you recognize all the guests that appear at your door tomorrow for the party- Karma, she'd be the bitch. And she RSVP'ed.


  1. Hope he jumps off the bridge to total freedom into traffic.

  2. Argh the grammar and punctuation errors! Doesn't Anonymous have proof readers among their numbers?!

    I'm glad that so many are speaking out! Statistically, there's no way over a thousand people speaking against a group would all be conspiring to lie so consistently, as cult spokes people claim.

    The abuses need exposure. The prison-like conditions for their staff needs to end. The people trapped inside need to know true freedom.

    But come on, Anons! Let's grammar! (sic)