Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tom Cruise Witnessed Discombobulating Slash, oh my.

tom cruise slashSegment of NY Times: Smoke Gets in His Eye (with my commentary) ~ “A visitor was outside the dressing room door”, Slash's manager announced,“was it OK for Tom Cruise to come in and say hello?”

Slash was taken aback. “As in, Tom Cruise Tom Cruise?” he asked. Yep, the wide-eyed manager said. “Um, yeah sure — tell him to come in.”

And suddenly there was a beaming Mr. Cruise (I believe the beaming is an side effect of transporting down from the mothership).

“I’m a big fan, and I just really wanted to meet you,” Mr. Cruise said. Some awkward banter followed — neither man seemed to know whether to play the fan role or the celebrity one — and ended with a confession.
keep scientology working“I’m a little nervous to go onstage,” Slash said in a soft voice. Mr. Cruise tried to comfort him, saying the same thing happens on a movie set. “That’s good,” Mr. Cruise asserted. “That means it will be a good performance.”

(Wait! What's this, Tom? No confront, shatter suppression? No KSW? Keep siphoning wallets? You might be in for a sec-check or two, with a complementary trip to the RPF, if your buddy, birthday-boy gets wind of it.)

With that, Mr. Cruise bid adieu, leaving Slash a bit discombobulated. “That has to be one of the weirdest things that has happened to me in at least two weeks,” he said, adding that he couldn’t believe how nice Mr. Cruise was. “And he’s not as short as everybody seems to think.” (...he's really much shorter).

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