Thursday, May 6, 2010

Assault Followup: Paper Disappoints, Red Flags Fly

Woman guilty of assault. Victim, a Church of Scientology protester, relieved
chronicle herald ~ An assault against a masked demonstrator protesting against the Church of Scientology has landed a Halifax woman in legal trouble.metroNicole Cassandra Andersen, a 40-year-old personal-care worker, pleaded guilty in Halifax on Tuesday to assault for punching the protester in the face near the Scientology Life Improvement Center on Dutch Village Road on Sept. 19. [YouTube video of incident]

Chronicle Herald Parrots Scientology's Spin
A spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology said Wednesday that Andersen is not a member of the church in Halifax and does not have any affiliation with it.
"The answer is no," said Pat Felske, a Church of Scientology spokeswoman in Toronto, "As a matter of fact, when the incident occurred, no one was at the church at all".
In the United States [notice no mention of Canada], there have been several convictions of Anonymous members for cyber attacks and harassment of members of the Church of Scientology, Felske said, adding,"We don’t believe in violence. Our creed [more on this later] is a civilization without insanity, without criminality and without war."

Paper Disappoints Protester
Seems our young protester/victim is none to happy with the way his local paper handled the story, as we can see by his email reply [posted on WWP links added by ODIT]:
Hi Clare,
I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in your article.

I can't really believe you'd allow an organization convicted of infiltrating the Canadian government to make a statement like that without clarifying for your readers that Scientology has a long criminal history in this country... especially when no members of Anonymous have been convicted of any wrong doing in Canada and that we have a great relationship with law enforcement.

letter to the paper Also, I believe I was fairly clear in why I am revealing my name now, and that is because I am being harassed by the Church of Scientology over this incident, as I said to you on the phone "I feel i have to roll with it now". They did not have my name until I was punched and then followed home.

I feel I'm going to have to write a response. I wanted to give you a heads up before I did. I do appreciate your interest in this story, but I can't believe you'd allow Scientology (just recently convicted of fraud as an organization in France over their 'religious' practices) to make an unqualified statement like that.

I'm sorry but I think it's irresponsible journalism, and I plan on saying so.
Regards, XXXX
Did You Order The Code-Red?
halifax assaultNow, back to that statement about about Scientology's creed, as brought up in this post at WWP,
‘We don’t believe in violence. Our creed is a civilization without insanity, without criminality and without war.’~ Pat Felske-Spokeswoman, Church of Scientology.
But, seems they also have a conflicting Code of Honor, in it which states:
• 12) Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
Red Flags and that Fishy Smell
And as for Pat Felske's statement on whether or not Andersen is member of their group, well red flags are 'a fly'n all over at WWP's many think tanks (along with a strange fishy odor).
Yes, our paperwork sleuths are chomping at their shovel handles, because Nicole Andersen's courtroom appearance seems to have raised some questions:
• Did her lawyer mean that she has just Now, suddenly, become a caregiver to a disabled person? That would be a little too convenient (sympathy bid).
• Did you see anything in writing that she actually signed or that lawyer said she actually agreed to see a psychiatrist?
• But if she is actually now by law assigned to see a psychiatrist, wait. Would not that disqualify her from being a caregiver to severely disabled?
• And ex-scientologists chiming in how this is all to familiar as to how some go off the deep end.
Not to worry, though. There are plenty of anons over there to keep the facts straight, and not let the conversations get lost in conjecture. But we'll be keeping an eye on it, and report back anything interesting.


  1. I would love to know if the reporter has writen any other articles on Scientology and what they were like.

    Perhaps they have cultivated her as an ally. They have done this before on a larger scale with politicians and movie stars. See Will Smith.

  2. Very much appreciate your counter-point. Probably would help to know that there's been an escalation of incidents of hitting protestors in this last year, around the world, in fact.

    There is abundant evidence of scientology membership dwindling due to the intense demands of impossible "moar money" as well as fair game mafiaso like coercion. Lawsuits growing, over a thousand ex members speaking out about crimes and abuses that are truly beyond belief in absurdity and cruelty, as well as families being torn apart, going bankrupt, losing homes and businesses.

    It's impossible to think that the emotional and personal traumatic experiences are not in play. While countries around the world have gotten wise that Scientology isn't just a joke, it's dangerous, the problem is the U.S. continues to sit by and do nothing, and that is where the headquarters are located.

    What goes on in the deepest, darkest bowels of scientology violate the most basic tenets of human rights, or even prisoners of war for that matter. Unfortunately, celebrities keep bankrolling this organization, which uses the $ for PI's, lawyers, stalkers.

    I'm not an Anon. I know they are peaceful, spend their time and money which is sparse to bring attention to the atrocities and only wish for this tragedy to end.

    Ms Andersen was obviously at the very least influenced by Scientology false information of a terrifying nature. I truly hope she gets the help she needs and her sentence will bring justice to this matter.
    Just realize this is very serious business and there is a wealth of documented reports available on the internet. Thank you for allowing me to comment. Pod