Friday, May 7, 2010

Scientology's Secret OT VIII Course Room Exposed [video]

freewinds scientology ~ There have been a number of videos online that have only sort to embarrass Tom Cruise, namely that bizarre Scientology promo video where Tom claims to have more expertise than a paramedic at a roadside accident and the extravagant 6-figure birthday party held on Scientology's flagship, the Freewinds, for the actor.

Now, through a newly leaked video, you can now tour the Church of Scientology's flag vessel M/S Freewinds OT VIII course room. It's supposed to be one the absolutely MOST SECURE rooms on the planet (for Scientologists anyway).

They are aware of fact that entry to this room is strictly prohibited to any passengers and members of Church except top hierarchy members of the organization. But you can see it without paying that pesky six-figure entrance fee.

Scientology Freewinds OT VIII Course Room Tour

Scientology Freewinds Religion Technology Center Room Tour

Tip o' the lens cap to WWP.

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