Monday, May 31, 2010

DW-TV: Scientology: The Business of Believing [video 2/08]

dwtv germany ETaiwanNews ~ Today In History Listed within Sunday's, June 6, the 157th day of 2010 Highlights in History on this date:
1997: German authorities decide to place the Scientology movement under surveillance for one year, claiming the group is aiming to undermine democratic society. For more on that event, the following German news documentary.

DW-TV: In Focus / Scientology: The Business of Believing
Germany's international broadcaster. Deutsche Welle, which in English means "German Wave", is similar to international broadcasters such as the BBC World Service, and Radio Free Europe.
Segment consists of 26 minute German news documentary, Scientology: The Business of Believing. Aired (according to google listing)Feb.05.08

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