Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tom Cruise (hoax) Won't Die. Again.

tom cruise wont die ~ Tom Cruise has not died at Kauri Cliffs - again. His career died long ago, but for some reason, the New Zealand hoax won't. At any rate, it's the second time the actor hasn't died after not falling from the cliffs. Kauri Cliffs receptionist Sandy Hafner hadn't heard the rumor and had no idea why the lodge was so popular with hoaxers.

Cruise confirmed he was alive in an interview with MTV News. "I'm really alive," the actor said from London. "Did the internet get it wrong again?" [No Tom, one of your body thetans must have been play golf there].

Cruise didn't die there in 2008 either. But this time, according to the latest Cruise rumor which began on Friday, had some bizarre variations: one version had the actor dying in New Zealand after a plumbing accident [did the other involve a tailpipe?]

Yesterday the local police station had yet to receive calls about the incident involving the two timing actor, but local officer seem to have a sense of humor on the subject, noting "it would be a very small coffin".

I wonder if Tom, being an avid Scientologist, ever ran across this Hubbard quote: Scientology. It works, but think twice about playing golf in New Zealand.

Van Halen: Might As Well Jump

Tipping the caddy at WWP.

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