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Scientology Leader Memorizes Star's Confessionals [video]

Rush & Molloy ~ Former high-ranking member Amy Scobee claims go to amazon
in her just-out book (due May 9th), "Scientology: Abuse at the Top," that Miscavige and other officials "snooped" in confidential confessional files - a charge vehemently denied by the church.[archived past examples]
Amy Scobee's Scientology: Abuse at the Top
The Color of Cookware
The Church of Scientology is bringing down the hammer on a renegade member who alleges leader David Miscavige loves to gossip about his star parishioners. But it seems Miscavige "is known to pride himself on having memorized the sexual irregularities of practically every staff member" at one church facility - sometimes teasing them about their kinks in front of others. Hummmm, pot-kettle?

Officials privately grilled church members who work for celeb Scientologists to check whether the celebs were "deviating" from "Scientology's moral code."

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Church spokesman Tommy Davis brands all of Scobee's claims as "fiction." He insists Miscavige's purported dish session "never happened. Nobody in the church has ever violated the priest-penitent privilege. ... [confessional files] are held in the strictest confidence."

Scobee brings up a very good point: "If confessionals are never violated, what's Tommy [Davis] doing talking about my sex life?" [much more @ nydaily news]

Today Tonight: Scientology Insider [aired 4/26/10]

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