Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scientology Raids: Secret Files, Secret Bases

'Dossiers on Enemies' Found in Italian Scientology Raid
italian police raid scientology
theregister ~ Italian police reportedly unearthed hidden dossiers on 'enemies' during a raid on Church of Scientology offices in Turin. The files, apparently discovered behind locked doors in a basement office, allegedly contained personal information on judges, police officers and journalists identified as hostile to the Church.

Details on former Church members who have turned against Scientology were also reportedly recovered from handwritten files and computer records seized following a nine-hour search of the premises. No arrests took place, UPI adds.

The bust was reportedly authorized by local magistrates over concerns the local chapter of Scientology was holding sensitive personal data (including information on health and sexual orientation) in violation of Italy's privacy laws, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Secret Base Raided By Scientology Protesters

Well, a not so secret scientology hide-a-way (anymore) was visited by some road-tripping LA protesters. The Twin Peaks compound described by one of the protesters,

"...if you thought the strange town of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" was unpredictable wait until you visit the Scientology owned escape near Twin Peaks, San Bernardino, southern CA. This charmingly designed mountain hamlet features a beautiful view, elegant architecture and a Gyro Gym. [As a] plus, its fences are topped by UltraBarrier™, the durable, maintenance-free stainless steel deterrent that conveys the 'message' without the prison appearance of razor wire...",

but that's not all. In the video we've got dogs. We've got bears. We've got little old ladies manning guard shacks! Oh my!

Update: I guess they're expecting some more unwanted guests, because a huge privacy landscaping project is reported as starting up there.

Tip'O Camera Lens to AGP and WWP: Twin Peaks, Italian Job.

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