Sunday, May 23, 2010

Space Cult Terraforms Secret Base

A Look at Scientology's Secret Base ~ The Twin Peaks base houses a vault full of Scientology's precious scripture. It's also a place to hide if WWIII breaks out. And it's a place where celebrities can come and escape. But judging by all the high fences and UltraBarrier, it's also a prison camp. [cont. w/video]

Can't See the Forest for the Trees
ALIENxing twin peaks californiaWWP ~ Following a couple of unannounced protest raids at their sooper dooper sekrit base on Old Squirrel Inn Road in Twin Peaks, California the Church of Scientology scrambled!

Seems thousands of dollars worth of container trees along with piles of gravel suddenly appeared (possibly beamed down from the mothership?).

Also reported seen were workers (il/legal aliens, lol) feverishly slaving away to landscape (or terraform in space-talk) the compound. I guess Xenu's cloaking device must be in the shop for repairs (those eternal batteries just never seem to live up to their name). See construction photos here.

Scientology's New Mexican UFO Base Next?
The next base on the list, working east, would be Trementina Base, in New Mexico, if terraforming is going to be a habit of Scientology. Hummm, how much would it cost to plant a whole forest in the middle of the desert?
Biggest Little Alien Landing Strip in the West ~ An aerial photograph showing the base's enormous Scientology symbols on the ground caused media interest and broke the story in November 2005. According to a Washington Post report, the Church's first reaction was to attempt to suppress the information:

scientology trementina base KRQE The church tried to persuade station KRQE not to air its report last week about the aerial signposts marking a Scientology compound that includes a huge vault "built into a mountainside," the station said on its Web site. ... Based in Los Angeles, the corporation dispatched an official named Jane McNairn and an attorney to visit the TV station in an effort to squelch the story, KRQE news director Michelle Donaldson said.

The church offered a tour of the underground facility if KRQE would kill the piece, the station said in its newscast. Scientology also called KRQE’s owner, Emmis Communications, and “sought the help of a powerful New Mexican lawmaker” to lobby against airing the piece, the station reported on its Web site.
Well, we can see by the video below how all that turned out:

Tip O'ET to: WWP & AGP

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