Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scientology's OT's Responsible for Droughts? [pic]

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come Again Some Other Day.
Scientology OT Phenomena Tales The Washington Post has the following article: When a drought is not a drought?

voices.washingtonpost ~ "...But although we in the D.C. area usually experience at least one or two rainless stretches each summer, does the long-term average really substantiate the perception held by some that summertime drought is common here? The answer may surprise you..."

One explanation that isn't brought up in the article and for good reason is the following. Warning: put on your Hubbard space-helmets and set your Operating Thetan decoder ring to unbelievable, 'cause we're going into the wild and woolly world of Miscavige's pulp fiction publication known as OT Phenomena, Tales from the other side of the OT Levels.

In it [several photo copied pages] we've got everything from wishing away wind-shear on a plane to making phone-calls without a phone (can you hear me now?).

But the best of them all? Creating force-fields because they forgot an umbrella:
"...I was on a business trip. The rain was falling down by the bucketful. I stepped out of my car onto the protected lot, but I had to cross the street to get into the building on the other side. Not wanting to get wet, I mocked up a force field to stop the rain. Slowly the rain came to a halt and I was able to cross the street comfortably..."
Well, that's all well and fine for Mr. I'll Melt in the Rain, but does it mention anybody turning off these invisible floating parasols?

Nope. For all we know all these discarded electromagnetic oscillations are gathering together to form hovering rain deflectors twice the size Wala Wala, Washington. And who knows how many cloud-pluggers Scientologists have created over the past sixty years. Think about that the next time you can't water your even-day petunias on an odd day. Scientology. It's a dry heat, and it helps people.

ThanX to J.Swift for the scans.

CCR: Who'll Stop The Rain

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