Monday, May 24, 2010

Examples of Scientology Financial Fraud [1996 video]

nick xenophon on cults sophisticated techniques of manipulation the australian ~ INDEPENDENT senator Nick Xenophon has challenged Australia's top law officers to not be "wimps" and bring in anti-cult legislation similar to laws operating in France.

The senator said it was time for the reform proposal to be put on the agenda of the next meeting of the standing committee of attorneys-general.

"These cults and sects are using increasingly sophisticated techniques of manipulation and our current laws have not kept up with these tactics,"he said,"Innocent people are losing their fortunes and their freedoms to these cults, and it's up to legislators to create better laws to protect them.

And how long has this type of sophisticated technique of manipulation been going on? For quite some time. For example, below is a British TV documentary, The Big Story: Scientology - The S Files, that aired in 1996.

It features: disconnection, financial ruin, revealing personal secrets and suicides, just to name a few. And oddly enough, the Scientology spokesperson in this video, Mike Rinder, who denies any and all wrongdoing by the Church of Scientology, is now experiencing the very harassment he was denying, now that he too has left the cult. Goes to show how much you can trust what Scientology says.

The Big Story: Scientology ~ The S Files
British TV documentary
Air: 1996 Length: 25 min.

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