Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ABC/OZ: Scientology Investigated For Underpaying Workers [video]

digg thisThe Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating the Church of Scientology over allegations it has grossly underpaid staff members. A number of former employees of the church have told ABC's Lateline they were only paid a few thousand dollars per year for full-time work and had to resort to welfare payments to survive.

Janette Lang, who worked for the church for seven years, says the most she was paid in a year was $3,114 in 2001. She was second in charge of the Church of Scientology in Canberra at the time.

Ms Lang told Lateline it was "awful, trying to survive as a staff member was a constant battle,". Lang added, she'd gone on welfare to get by. She says this practice was widespread in the church.

The Church of Scientology declined Lateline's request for an interview, but in a written statement said: "the Church denies any widespread use of welfare by its staff members. Her allegations are unfounded and false." [more @ abc]

Lateline(ABC/OZ) - Fair Work Ombudsman Investigates Scientology


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