Saturday, June 19, 2010

L.Ron Hubbard and The New World Order [audio]

lron hubbard journal 67 New World Order, alien domination, currency conspiracies, nazi psychiatrists. Yep, that's the inner world of Scientology's SeaOrg mindset. Spoon-fed Hubbard's post atomic paranoid delusions. It's no wonder it produces a bunch of couch jumpers set on clearing the planet.

It's also no wonder the current management is hard at work whitewashing a lot of Hubbard's original writings and recordings to get them up to speed with today's politically correct society. Below, we have a video of an ex-scientologist from Australia, who lets us in on how an upper-level scientologist/seaorg member looks at the outside world while looking through Hubbardized glasses. Makes you want to get out your old civil defense training manuals and hide under your desk.

Shocking Truth behind the Scientology Xenu Story

Ron's Journal: No 67
An audio snippet from Ron's Journal No.67. More audio and transcripts at

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