Friday, June 25, 2010

Scientology Ideal Org 'Fudging the Numbers' [video]

washington dc ideal org scientology statsScientology. Supposedly the biggest, fastest growing by leaps and bounds, religion in the solar system, if not the universe.

If you've ever listened to David Miscavige rattle off, during one of his speeches, all the growth Scientology has gone through the past twenty years, you'd assume the group would have more members than the population of a small M-Class planet.

Well, little does Scientology know, Xenu (galactic warlord and Scientology's arch-nemesis) has ordered a census be taken at these new Ideal Orgs springing up around the world.

In Washington DC one day, protester AnonSparrow inquired management how many publics were in the building per week. She replied,"Two hundred". "I find that hard to believe", disagreed AnonSparrow.
She then added,"You're not out here when they rush to get in here a 9:00 AM roll-call."

Reveille ~ 7:30 AMwashington DC ideal org numbers breakdown
So, does our pollster show up at the designated 9 AM? Nope. 7:30 for this early-bird (pun intended).

And since he used to work with all these people (knows most by name), he can distinguish who's a drone worker and who's a customer pretty easily. See the chart on the right for the eye witness breakdown. Or you can watch the complete count-a-thon in the video below:

170.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest: DC Ideal Org Census 6/25/10

Thanx to WWP for the tip.


  1. love sparrow been watching his videos for about a year now

  2. So what DO they do all day?