Thursday, June 24, 2010

More of Scientology's Tax Irregularities [video]

david miscavige motorcycle Yesterday, the big story was Scientology's corporate tax havens around the world. Today, it's right here in the United States.

Seems Scientology's International Headquarters has some peculiar paperwork as to who owns what where in California. For some odd reason, Scientology just can't seem to get it straight what addresses they headquarter out of.

Seems like a simple enough task. But why lower themselves to worry about some silly wog paperwork, when after all, they've got a planet to clear.

Miscavige's Super Adventure Club squirrel house ‎‎may warrant a little closer scrutinization.

Riverside CA. Tax Exemptions and Scientology's Gold Base

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  1. David the Squirrel's House of Cards is falling down.