Thursday, July 8, 2010

TodayTonight: Scientology Continues 'Creep-Factor' Down Under [video]

today tonight TodayTonight/WWP ~ TodayTonight, an Aussie news magazine, airs another story on the creep-factor Scientology generates in their country.

This installment includes Jan Eastgate, a top CCHR (Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights International) executive accused of covering up child sexual abuse that occurred in the past inside the church. TodayTonight demonstrates how she dodges the press when confronted with the accusations by the, now adult, abused.

Also filmed were Scientology handlers that showed up to intimidate ex-scientologists that were meeting Australian politicians, including Senator Nick Xenophon, at parliament house.

And of course, the creep-factor wouldn't be complete without Scientology recruiters attempting to sway an up-and-coming film star, Ryan Kwanten, into joining the ranks of their dwindling brainwashed Hollywood elite.

Today Tonight Exposes Scientology, Yet Again

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  1. Scientology is one hideous and disgusting cult.
    Those personal blackmail folders should be returned at once to the people they concern.