Monday, July 5, 2010

TPM: Sharron Angle Streisand's Herself

TPM ~ Sharron Angle has resorted to an unusual maneuver to counter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attacks on her past quotes and positions, the Reid campaign has announced: A cease-and-desist letter, demanding that Reid no longer republish Angle's previous campaign website.

Sharron Angle's Underground Bunker
The short version of the story is as follows:
After the former state Rep won Nevada's Republican Senate primary, Angle's campaign took down most of its website, and later replaced it with a relaunched version that in some ways toned down her right-wing rhetoric. But Internet pages are rarely ever forgotten -- the Reid campaign saved the old version, and put up a website called "The Real Sharron Angle," reproducing the old content.

Then, they say, the Angle campaign sent them a cease-and-desist letter, claiming misuse of copyrighted materials in the reposting of the old website -- which was, of course, being posted for the purposes of ridiculing Angle. The Reid campaign has in fact taken down the site, rerouting visitors to another website that goes after Angle's positions, "Sharron's Underground Bunker."
Sharron Angle Takes Legal Action to Silence, well..., Sharron Angle
harry reid
The day after Angle won the Republican primary, she scrubbed her campaign website, leaving only a page for online contributions and limited descriptions of where she stands on certain issues. Then, just last week, Angle launched her new site, but 75% of the language she had on her original issues page was missing. In an effort to make sure Nevadans know where Angle actually stands on the issues, the Reid campaign launched, which displays the original content from Angle’s previous website.

That must have been more than the self-proclaimed Oath Keeper could handle, because she sent the Reid campaign a cease and desist letter, calling for to be pulled off the Web. Despite her threat of a frivolous lawsuit, Nevada voters can still learn about her long-held policy positions at

These are Sharron Angle’s positions in Sharron’s own words from Sharron’s own website. What was good enough for Nevada voters to read during the primary should be good enough for them now,” said Reid campaign spokesman Jon Summers. “Sharron has long believed in killing Social Security, eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy and shipping nuclear waste to Nevada. We’ve always heard that Sharron Angle is an unapologetic conservative. It has to be embarrassing for her to have her handlers trying to hide who she really is.”

Angle's PR Machine Mirrors Scientology's Internet Strategy ~ Ever since Angle's ties to Scientology's Second Chance Program [more on Second Chance] surfaced, it's odd they follow the same playbook that Scientology uses to sanitize the internet, with the same result.

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  1. Great work as ever! There is a new Wikipedia article on the Second Chance Program you could profitably link to in the coming months of the Angle - Reid campaign.

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