Sunday, July 18, 2010

Washington DC 'Maiden Voyage OT Event' Protest [videos]

slap cuffs on Post-report of July.17.10 protest event from Radio Paul @ WWP in Washington DC:
We were meet by a DC two star (Asst Police Chief) and a bird (Commander) as well as a captain as soon as we showed up. I have not seen that much brass since I was in the military. It was clear to me that the video posting and complaints had an effect.

Also I spoke to the Captain and specifically discussed the prior event and he had told me he saw the video and did not feel it got to a level of a major concern, I stated I felt otherwise. He also made a statement to the larger group that seemed to contradict if he actually saw the video and when Sparrow asked if he could grab a Scientology camera was told no and then asked if they could grab his he again said no and if either side got in to the face of the other or there was any physical contact there would be an arrest of the guilty party. There were a total of five uniformed police officers and they as well as the captain we very professional and fair to each side.

One of the cult members complained that a Anon brushed against him and when the officer determined that it was an accidental brush, Sylvia who was not even present for the incident went to another officer and tried again to get Anon arrested. It was funny to watch Sue and Vicky sticking like glue to the Officer in charge never leaving him alone for more than a few moments and talking to him about everything from the weather to the evils on Anonymous. [more>>>]
Part1 / 181.1 Anonymous Scientology Protest
AnonSparrow on his way to Kinkos to make copies of his goldenrod SP Declare stops by the Washington DC Ideal Org to watch the seaorg-ers setting up tents for this year's Maiden Voyage 2010 OT (Operating Thetan) Event.

Part2 / 181.2 Anonymous Scientology Protest
They get this party started. Anons begin to show up and a briefing from police as to what is and isn't allowed. Seems in DC, you can't use colored chalk on the sidewalks. Just white. (yeah, there's a joke in there somewhere)

Part3 / 181.3 Anonymous Scientology Protest
This video contains most of the footage during the actual event. Also, Most memorable quote at the end of this video, officer on patrol states, "...if he touches your camera, I'm slapping the cuffs on him"(screencap used for photo above).

Part4 / 181.4 Anonymous Scientology Protest
President (assumed) of DC Ideal Org confirs with patrolman at event. 30 second stare-down from Scientology doorman (with no neck, lol). DC Party-van makes an appearance.

Part5 / 181.5 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Part6 / 181.6 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Part7 / 181.7 Anonymous Scientology Protest
Grabby McKamera (yesterday's star assaulter) just can't see to quit with the subtle threats:
Sponge caught these:
@ 5:00 "When it get dark, certain different things start happening when it get dark"
@ 5:28 Does a mime, making a fist and punching into palm of his other hand.
@ the end, Sparrow records him saying something (but I can't make it out).

ThanX to Sparrow for all the filmage,

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