Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scientology Protests / Coast to Coast [video]

No. Not the radio show. Two separate Scientology protests on two different coasts popped up in the news over at WWP this morning.Videos of both are provided.

anonsparrow free speech washigton dc scientology

No.1: AnonSparrow assault in Washington DC

officer 3915 washington dc The following email that was forwarded to the DC Internal Affairs Metro Police about the protest in the video below sums up what happened nicely:
I would like to report officer 3915 for refusing to file a report concerning an assault on a protester. The victim was approached by a Scientologist exiting the Scientology building making gun gestures towards the protester.

Then, the same Scientologist moved within the protester's personal space and aggressively grabbed his videocamera, trying to take it away from the protester. After finally letting go of the protester's videocamera, the scientologist then proceeded to question the protester about military service while grabbing the protester's dogtags and trying to pull those off.

This is clearly aggressive behavior that is by law, assault. The officer watched a witnesses videotape and dismissed it with no valid reasons. The officer went on to mock the protester's claim that he would put the video on the internet by saying that he would be surprised if anyone watched it. By refusing to file a report, this sends the message that your department condones violent and aggressive behavior in society.

As of this e-mail, there have been hundreds of views in less than 24 hours. Officer 3915 has refused to fulfill his duty and this matter should be investigated and dealt with, in a thorough manner. The following link is a YouTube posting of the video shot by the protester and clearly shows the events that unfolded.
Read more about this at WWP and [update: following day > revenge protest]

Update: July17 Protest at DC Ideal Org Trailer
Looks like AnonSparrow's little kerfuffle involving his camera and the Tracy Morgan wannabe Scientologist [see above video] rilled up some local Anons into action for another protest. Hubbard's ancient rules include dead-agenting, or intimidating the attacker. Scientologists have yet learn that their 1950's technique seems to have the same effect as kicking a hornets nest in the age of the internet. At any rate, to borrow one of their phrases: Scientology, you pulled it in.

No.2: AGP & Friends at Kodak Theater, Los Angeles, Ca.

Angry Gay Pope and friends decided to test the private property/public forum ruling by the California Supreme Court by going to the Kodak Theater where Scientology was holding their Maiden Voyage 2010 OT (Operating Thetan) Event.

They had mixed results, as you can see in the two videos below. To get more insight into what transpired, visit this thread at WWP and

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