Tuesday, August 31, 2010

German Crime Drama 'Tatort' Jabs Scientology [subtitled video]

Tatort ("crime scene")
German crime thriller. One of the most recent episodes from the crime series "Tatort" ("crime scene") uploaded and subtitled by German Anons.
[Not exactly as flashy as CSI Miami/New York/Vegas, but any TV series that is willing to take a jab at the Cult of Scientology is worth the watch, imo ]
Viennese detective chief superintendent Moritz Eisner investigates the murder of the young Anna Kaber. The case is explosive because of her membership in the destructive Epitarsis cult that sabotages the examination of its members with all means possible.
The investigation starkly lays bare the mechanisms and modus operandi of cults and sects but also critically questions so-called "deprogrammers". It becomes clear that Epitarsis serves as a placeholder for the Scientology cult. But whether it is Scientology or any other cult, the consequences for relatives are often very painful, sometimes even fatal.
Tatort: episode: Faith, Love, Death [6 parts / 1.5 hr total]
note: for those waiting for part6, it is now uploaded. direct link.

6-part playlist @ thetranslator9001's channel.

More from WWP:
You may all remember the fuss made over the movie "Until Nothing is Left". Shooting of the film was disguised as being for an Episode of "Tatort", or "crime scene" in English.
This time it's for real. Tatort has taken on the subject of cults and has produced 1½ hours of solid entertainment. This is not directly about Scientology, but about the fictional "Epitarsis" cult. Anyone with half a brain will immediately recognize though that Epitarsis only serves as a place holder for Scientology.
It even has a familiar face. Victoria Trauttmansdorff, who played the judge from "Until Nothing is Left", is the unscrupulous leader of the Epitarsis cult's dependance this time.

Note: "Until Nothing is Left" can be viewed at xenutv.com.
The public TV network ARD in Germany secretly filmed a TV movie about corporate Scientology and their destructive disconnection policy. Based on the true story of Heiner von Rönn.

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