Monday, August 30, 2010

Scientology's 'Gay-Bash' Found in Older Editions [pic]

constantly changing dianetics
WWP ~ Just when I thought I had seen everything possible with Scientology, I notice a GIANT fucking flaw in my copies of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Please turn your 2007 (softcover/hardcover) Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health to page 505. [hardcover may be pg. 501] There's a half dozen newspaper articles praising Dianetics?

Now that I look at the top-right article (Los Angeles Daily News, September 8th 1950 edition #56) I noticed something so damn funny I spit my Gatorade all over my keyboard.
[Correction: Was informed the 2007 edition of Dianetics is the most recent printing and older versions do not contain these newspaper clippings.]
Dianetics: It Can Stamp Out HomosexualityDianetics: It Can Stamp Out Homosexuality
"... it can stamp out homosexuality, which is attributed to attempted abortion '... with an effective science to handle the problem, a society which would continue to endure perversion... doesn't deserve to exist.'..."

[click image for full page >>>]

The above is a sample of the problems a religion like Scientology has. Telling followers that the tech is infallible, and at the same time try to stay up to date with the world's politically correct views on society.

Scientology: Pro or Anti Gay? Seems they don't think even know...

The conflict has already raised it's ugly head earlier in 2009 when director Paul Haggis left Scientology. It was his conscience that made him quit the religion he's been part of for 35 years, Haggis said in a letter to Tommy Davis. Davis, the son of actress Anne Archer, is the face of Scientology, appearing on numerous TV interviews every year.

Haggis first became disenchanted with Scientology last year when it backed Prop 8, the ban on gay marriage in California. The director personally spoke to Davis about it. He claimed he was horrified at the news, Haggis wrote, and he'd get to the bottom of it. Nothing changed.

scientology rev. john carmichael new york As another example, in 2008, when Rev. John Carmichael, president of the Church of Scientology of New York, came face-to-face with a small contingent of Anonymous protesters, he didn't engage them in a spiritual debate.

Instead, he leaned into one member on a Times Square street and said, “Let me tell you this: I smell pussy.” Then, looking squarely at the Anon added, “You in particular.” [youtube video of event: 7 min]

Sounds like Scientology should put all those building restorations on hold, spend a little time getting their shit in one sock and figure exactly what they stand for and what they don't. Well, what they stand for this week anyway...

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  1. On page 502/503 of the paperpack-version there are some reproductions of promotion-articles for the book, and on one of them, Scientology states that Dianetics could heal homosexuality, which is only a result of gone wrong abortions. Yep: that’s what their print on paper.