Monday, August 2, 2010

Auction Held To Aid DC Protester [video] *updated*

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Our favorite DC protester, AnonSParrow, that Scientology loves to hate is being harassed with the threat of a TRO to eliminate him from legally protesting in front of the Scientology building in Washington, DC. To aid the sidelined protester, fellow Anons are holding an auction to build a legal fund war chest for the grounded SParrow. Particulars below:

Links for anonSParrow's Legal Defense Fund


Pfizer Racing Team Jacket: Also:(this auction only) highest non winning bidder who sends in their bid to Sparrow will receive a signed copy of Paulette Cooper's book. The two highest non winning bidders who send in their bids to Sparrow will also receive an SP T-shirt. All non winning bids will be matched TWICE up to $2,000 by two mystery donors.


Camcorder/Body-Thetan Shirt/Sparrow Pack:
see link for details.


Vulture Minister T-Shirt Pack: see link for details.
Each auction must be bid on separately in it's own thread.
You must be member of WWP to bid.
PayPal Donations:
Mail-In Donations:
Washington DC address

Last Legal Update ~ anonsparrow1 July 28, 2010

Angry OT Eyes / Sparrow Mixdown [mp3]
An AnonSparrow protest audio remixed w/ Loggins & Messina: angryeyes. Now anybody can protest with AnonSparrow as their wingman. Download the MP3, play it during your next Scientology protest.

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