Monday, August 9, 2010

Scientology: the Frigidaire of Religions [video]

Scientologists could very well cause the next ice-age with the amount of chilling-effect it produces by perverting the legal system.

anonsparrow free speech washigton dc scientology
matrix: red dress youtube clip Scientology has been caught arranging the same stalking trap that was used in Washington DC in an attempt to influence a chilling effect on protesters in other cities and countries by abusing the legal system.

One such attempt, oddly enough, seems to be pulled straight from the Matrix's Red Dress scene. Note: Conversation in the YouTube clip parallels the Cult of Scientology so closely, it's uncanny.

Scientology Protest Washington DC 178.3
Recorded 7/13/10 - Washington DC. Kim Bellotte, Scientologist who is behind AnonSParrow's TRO and stalking charges, sets a trap to bait the protester into harassing her on camera by going out of her way to "parade" in front of him. (this was before the TRO had come to light).Scientologist, Vicky, assigned to get it on video.

Scientology Protest: Chicago 'Red Dress' Incedent
At a recent Chicago protest [July 31st] a woman came out of the Scientology center in blue jeans, black shirt, sneakers taking pics of protesters and giving them the finger(?). Then,[later the same day] in Kim Belotte Fashion, she later struts out in a outfit [that screams]"LOOK AT ME!!!!!", walking around the protesters then walking off to the side, doing nothing.
scientology red dress ploy in chicago

OZ: Today Tonight/ Scientology Attempts Chilling Effect With AVO
AVO (the Australian equivalent to the US's TRO) offers protection from domestic violence in NSW. An AVO offers protection against acts of violence such as the following: physical assault, non-physical abuse such as harassment or intimidation, damage or threatened damage to property. Today Tonight investigates and finds the protection needed is baseless through video evidence.

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