Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scientology, Clearing the Planet (of itself) [pics]

Burbank, California
Burbank, California

wwp ~ In 2009, a DIANETICS only book store opened the Burbank Mall, California, under the name: Stress Solutions.
Well the bookstore that only sold one type of book (you need a whole store to sell one type of book?) went out of business as of Sept. 1st, 2010.
Solution to stress, indeed. Local Anons won't be worrying about the public being indoctrinated into the cult at this location anymore.

Berlin-Spandau, Germany
Berlin-Spandau, Germany

wwp ~ April 2009 Scientology shocked the people and the administration of Berlin-Spandau, when they opened a Scientology bookstore in the old city. It's reported this is what the place looks like now ,as of Sep. 2010: closed. Very, very, very closed. No more bookshop in Spandau. In view of the fact that this should have been the first shop in a long line of Scientology shops in Berlin, the way they were boasting.
Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

wwp ~ Also in Germany, as of mid Sept 2010, Scientology's Munich Celebrity Centre is closing, but a nail salon is opening in it's place. Now the world can be cleared of unsightly kept cuticles and fingernails.

It's also reported that they were expanding so much, they had a high grand total of celebrity members of fifteen, and that was in 1995.

Even after Scientology's poster-boy's German movie, Valkyrie, finished filming in 1998, no local celebrities were convinced to join Tom's i can fly clubhouse.

Also, a comment from wwp,"That is a Scientology Celebrity Centre? I've seen fruit and veg carts with more presence.".

Oslo, Norway
wwp ~ And back in July 2010, it seems the org in Oslo, Norway was abandoned. And, yes, Anonymous celebrated by flying their local cell flag out one of the now ex-scientolgy office windows.This was also predicted as long as 2 years ago.

Mountain View, CAMountain View, California

wwp ~ December 2010, the “Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Information Center” prominently located on 331 Castro Street in downtown Mountain View California has closed.

This was a site for the original 2008 protests and was featured in many post raid photos and videos. The mostly gutted building has a large For Sale sign slapped on it. A few floor-standing posters and random chairs are all that remain inside the dark interior.
BELOW: A note on the window indicates the bookstore was moved to the org on 117 Easy Street, a low-traffic residential area of Mountain View.
Mountain View notice Announcement:

Life Improvement Center is moving to new larger quarters.

Please join us at our main Mountain View facility located at 117 Easy St. Mountain View.

All free introductory services, tours and information and services still provided until new facility is renovated.

Call 650-969-5262 or visit "blah blah blah"

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts

wwp ~ Also in Boston, MA, the former Ivory Bean building (that Scientology bought in 2008 to expand into) located at 1769 Washington Street, was cordoned off in early February after a neighbor reported bricks falling from the facade.

Firefighters warned that the wall was in danger of “imminent collapse,” and a structural engineer was called in to evaluate the property.

The city had previously notified the church of the building's condition, according to Paul Bradford, the Church’s Legal Administrator. But efforts to demolish the building sooner were delayed by the South End Landmarks District Commission, which reviews exterior renovations that take place within the neighborhood's historic district. [more>]

Carytown, Virginia
Carytown, Virginia

styleweekly.com ~ More than two and a half years ago, the Church of Scientology opened a mission to some fanfare in Carytown. Now it is no longer.
Within the past week or so, the church’s sign was removed from the corner of Cary and Nansemond streets.
Though the mission closed several months ago, “Scientology is very much alive and well in the Richmond area,” the Rev. Susan Taylor, president of the Church of Scientology in Washington, wrote in an email Friday to Style Weekly.
Mat Pastore “is continuing to deliver services from his Dianetics Center in the Richmond area,” Taylor said. Taylor didn’t know where that local center was, she said, referring questions to Pastore. Reached Thursday, Pastore only would confirm the center’s closure and declined to comment further.

Portland, Oregon

Under the cover of darkness, two Scientology clones seen shuttering the Portland Org: WWP ~ "...I was walking around my neighborhood and witnessed the "routing out" of the org in my hood. Being the good neighbor that I am, I busted out the cell phone to snap some quick pictures. As I approached, they saw what I was doing and shouted "who are you!?", "why are you doing this!?" and "you're trespassing!" I remained silent and at a good distance.

They then both got in my face and physically forced me down the building stairs and into the street. But I sneaked around the side! And got some more shots. More to annoy them than anything else. They had no idea what to do with me. They had an audience as there is a restaurant next door and there was a crowd outside. I was cheered on by passers by.
I did tell them that I am an "SP" and asked how long they'd been on the RPF. That was fun indeed.
The dude in the tie can be seen inside, looking really pissed and furiously making phone calls to obtain directives as to what to do with me...."

Jaffa, Israel

themarker.com/israel ~ The Scientology building in Jaffa is being foreclosed, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled on Monday. The historic Alhambra cinema building belongs to the international Scientology movement through trustee Gur Finkelstein, who is suspected of attempted murder.

The foreclosure followed a petition by N.N. Salati Engineering and Projects Management. Last week, N.N. Salati filed a NIS 7.6 million suit against Finkelstein and the Scientology movement. According to the suit, the defendants commissioned the company to build a four-floor, 6,000 square meter building at the site and to renovate the 1936 cinema building last year, but paid it for only part of the work.

Buffalo, NY / Walden Galleria Mall

examiner.com "...there was trouble with the kiosk from the start. One Scientologist staffing the kiosk was known to become irate and threaten shoppers at the mall.

In 2010 the kiosk was temporarily closed down, allegedly because of nonpayment of rent. And just recently, after what we were told were a number of incidents, the Scientologists seem to be gone from the mall permanently. The Walden Galleria Mall has not responded to a request for comment. Over at the Eastern Hills Mall, the Scientologists have been known to set up shop for the holiday shopping season, however their presence there this season has not been confirmed.

Retreating under pressure isn’t anything new for the Buffalo area Scientologists. In 2005 they opened up a bookstore on the University of Buffalo campus in Amherst. The following year, after complaints that the store was being used for recruitment, including accusations of harassment of an 11 year old and a 13 year old visiting the campus during the summer, the store was quietly removed..."

Where's Your Head At?
I'm sure Anons have been dancing in front of their local orgs everywhere, after hearing of the continued expanding retracting Scilon Empire.


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