Friday, August 5, 2011

Narconon Trois-Rivières Protest w/ David Love + Anonymous [videos]

Narconon's Detractors make Themselves Heard [translated] David Edgar Love and several masked protesters made themselves heard yesterday outside the Narconon facility in Trois-Rivières.

Sporting masks like the one V wore in V for Vendetta, the protesters wanted to get their message across to the public as well as to Narconon's patients. Brandishing signs on the roadside, the protesters were observed by some of the center's patients who were outside at the time. One of the placards said: "Run! Narconon = Cult of Scientology."

For David Edgar Love, Narconon represents a danger to patients. "They don't have the qualifications, they don't have the nurses, they don't have the doctors needed to treat patients," he says. According to Mr. Love, the treatments provided go so far as to endanger the lives of patients who receive them. "It does a lot of harm," he said.

Mr. Love explained that, when he was working for Narconon, his employer's advertisements touted a 70% success rate, but he says this claim was far from reflecting reality. He mentioned as evidence the example of a man who underwent detoxification at Narconon five times.

David Edgar Love is a former patient and former employee of Narconon Trois-Rivières. Mr. Love was admitted to Narconon in 2008 for a drug problem and he was hired there in 2009.

He has filed complaints with the Labour Relations Commission and the Human Right Commission. He argues that persons addicted to alcohol or drugs should be considered as persons with a handicap and should therefore have the same protection.

As a result of a regulation that took effect in July 2010, therapy centers for persons with addictions must obtain certification from Quebec. However, the process is taking longer than planned and not all centers have obtained this certification yet.

Last February, Mr. Love met with officials of the Mauricie and Central Quebec region Health Agency in connection with this certification.

Narconon Trois-Rivières Protest, July 17, 2011
TV news [in french w/english subtitles] report on the July 17, 2011 protest at Narconon Trois-Rivières broadcast on "Le Téléjournal Mauricie", Radio-Canada, July 17, 2011 Anchorperson: Madeleine Goubau Reporter: Émilie Vallée.

Narconon Trois Rivieres Protest 2011
Anonymous' cameras were rolling that day also. A look at behind the scenes of the above report.

Tip of the zoom lens to: David Love, GuyFox, and all the CanadianAnon
More info on the Scientology/Narconon connection visit:

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