Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 Corners Vindicated in Scientology Bias Complaint [video]

4CORNERS / Scientology: The Ex-Files / Broadcast: MAR.08.2010 ABC(au) ~ The Independent Complaints Review Panel (ICRP) has not upheld a series of complaints made against a Four Corners program, broadcast on 8 March 2010, titled “Scientology: The Ex-Files”.

The program investigated aspects of the activities of the Church of Scientology, following the call for a government inquiry into the Church by Senator Nick Xenophon in 2009.

The complaint about the Four Corners program included three elements: the way in which the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) was described; disclosure of information about the Andersons’ familial relationships and the circumstances of their departure from the Church; and a broader complaint that “the show and its producers intended to leave the viewer with a negative imprint of the Church and its beliefs, without ever balancing the show with any of the good works that the Church undertakes”.
ICRP Decision: ABC Four Corners PDF link download pdf
The Panel concluded that the Four Corners program had a limited scope, being focused on “the specific complaints made by the participants relating to their personal experiences with the Church” and accordingly, “[t]he wider considerations referred to by the Complainant were not involved.” Therefore, none of the complaints were upheld. [more >>>]

Disputed Episode: Four Corners, The Ex-Files [5 parts, 43 min]
Australia's four corners program examines the covert world of scientology; with testimonies from ex-scientologists, regarding disconnection and labor law violations. The program precedes a senate vote on scientology's tax-exempt status, set out by Senator Nick Xenophon. The testimonies of ex-scientologists on the scientology's criminal practices have been heard in Australia for quite some time now.
[playlist link: Four Corners, The Ex-Files]

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