Thursday, October 14, 2010

HuffPo Picks Tom Cruise For 'DADT Posterboy' [pic]

...not that there's anything wrong with that, rofl.
WWP ~ Today, Huffington Post's lead article (only the splash page) on the Air Force's discontinuation of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is accompanied by a still Of Tom Cruise from "Top Gun". The headline has since changed from "PREPARE FOR TAKEOFF" to "MAVERICKS", but how long before it reads that classic line from Closet episode of South Park? "WERE SO SUED".
tom cruise: posterboy for don't ask, don't tell headline
Oh well, so much for all that street cred you've been trying to build up since your little couch incident. All wiped out in one picture posting.
Also, as mentioned in the thread: lol! perfect timing with the green light for Top Gun 2. So I thought it fitting do drag these past TOP GUN movie clips out of the archives.

Top Gun 2: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Quentin Tarantino: Gay Top Gun

Tip of the 'ol thruster nozzle to: Django, Johnny Thunder and RightOn.

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