Friday, October 1, 2010

Hubbard Mixes Drugs With Dianetics Lecture [mp3]

hubbard finds tomato hiding crimes A press release came out this week about another big presentation extravaganza in Clearwater put on by by Scientology.
The big deal? A 1 hour 42 minute documentary “The Truth About Drugs”.

What timing, because over at WWP, they had another one of their audio leak releases, entitled: "GUK & Freewheeling" along with "GUK & Medication".
From the OP: "...Ron [Hubbard] is in Oakland from 23rd September 1950 until 23rd December 1950. He delivers over twenty five lectures - yet only four are released and used by Scientologists today to study technique, theory and concepts. Whatever happened to those missing tapes? Why are they even missing to begin with?..."
Well,in this lecture, it turns out L.Ron was experimenting with something that the current church would rather you didn't know about. Turns out he was mixing large doses of various minerals and vitamins (see purification rundown) along with a pick-me-up used in those days, Benzedrine.
In the 1940s and 1950s, reports began to emerge about the recreational use of Benzedrine inhalers, and in 1949, doctors began to move away from prescribing Benzedrine as a bronchodilator and appetite suppressant. In 1959, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made it a prescription drug in the United States. Benzedrine and derived amphetamines were used as a stimulant for armed forces in World War II and Vietnam.
This lecture may have been swept under the rug by Scientology, but dirt like this seems to constantly rise to the surface since the conception of the internet.

download MP3
GUK & Freewheeling.mp3
48.09 MB, 50 minutes (link updated 6/14/12)

Long and boring, but at least most of the juicy stuff is contained in the first half of the recording.

hubbard toxicology reportAddition: And may as well throw in L.Ron Hubbard's toxicology report at the time of his death:
[full report available here]

The Church of Scientology is loudly voicing their strong resistance to what they call "psych drugs".

It's therefore ironic that the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, was taking a "psych drug" when he died on January 24th, 1986, eight days after the fatal stroke, and one day after signing his last will and testament.

He was given Vistaril by Dr. Gene Denk in his final days, by intramuscular injection in the right buttocks. Vistaril is a psychiatric drug, used to calm frantic or overly anxious patients.


  1. LOL that Lecture doesn't have the content you think it has

    It goes heavily into formulas for combinations of vitamins, and it tells why certain drugs do not work.

    It also describes what other people were doing with chemicals, and hubbard's alarmed reaction.

    You have shot yourself in the foot.

    Take it down before folks can see what a fool you are

  2. "Anonymous"(lol, not), you haven't actually listened to the tape obviously.
    Dare to actually listen to it, and stop just listening to your handlers.
    Try again, my little OSA friend.
    Just wait till you hear the other will you justify them?