Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Officer Bubbles' Doesn't Understand 'Streisand Effect' [video]

Courtney Winkels blows bubbles on Queen St. W., in front of Const. Adam Josephs (Officer Bubbles) on June.27.10 during the G20 summit. ~ The YouTube user, who uses the alias “theforcebewithme,” can’t even remember writing the specific comment that now has him defending a $1.2 million defamation lawsuit launched by Toronto’s now notorious “Officer Bubbles.”

Const. Adam Josephs seeks to compel the Google-owned YouTube to reveal the identity of the person who created and posted the videos as well as any information it has on the 24 other users who made allegedly defamatory remarks.

The case highlights a collision between two worlds: The wild-west of social media, where people under aliases throw insults without pause versus the laws of the old media world, where people are held accountable for everything they write.

'Officer Bubbles': How he met Ms. Streisand

Bubbles Bathing In Media Attention (Part2)

Well. Officer Bubbles. It seems you just can't get enough of that internet notoriety. You not only focused the world's (short-spanned) attention to the G20 demonstrations last summer by acting like a pompous idiot, but by suing YouTube, you've managed to conger up a second Streisand Effect for you and your fellow police officers in Toronto. ATTABOY! Way to stay off the radar. MEMEs are forming in basment-dwelling imaginations as we speak, I'm sure. Enjoy your fail, Bubbles.

The Whole "Officer Bubbles" Story:
Toronto Neighborhood Responds to G20 Policing

Funny thing about Streisand Effects. They bring in the attention of others who were too busy with their own life, like me. I must have been buried in some other project, because I totally missed this happening last summer. But thanks to Officer Bubbles, the world has a reason to go back and watch everything that went on at the G20 Summit. Thanks Const. Adam Josephs. Without you, I, and others, might have missed all these other police videos.

G20: SBU / Special Bubble Unit

ThanX DeathHampster and all the Officer Bubbles cartoons at YouTube.

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