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911 Calls & Dead Patient's Father Opinion of Narconon Arrowhead

narconon arrowhead investigation

Dead Patient's Father Narconon Shocked by Scientology Belief
KRMG news talk radio [OCT.10.12] Father whose daughter died of an apparent drug overdose while at a drug treatment facility says he wants the place fixed or shut down and he wants the world to know about its roots in the Church of Scientology and what that organization's beliefs entail.

"You believe they have a 24-hour physician in the building and all these nurses in the building, (that's) what you hear when they say they have a 24-hour staff. Well in actuality they have'em on staff, but they're not in the premises," he says.

Stacy Murphy at Scientology's Narconon Arrowhesd
Murphy's death is listed as "unattended," which would back up Robert Murphy's contention that his daughter was left in a room alone where she passed away from what appears to have been a drug overdose.

The "on staff" medical personnel were apparently never notified.
"They had her for ten-plus hours where they knew she was in an OD (overdose) situation and nobody did anything. No monitoring of her, no physician was called, no 911, didn't call her parents, nothing. Just put her in a room and left her to die," he told KRMG.

Now, he says, he has a much darker opinion of Scientology and how he believes the "church" uses Narconon to gain followers and their money. "My opinion, it's a scam. It's just a way to draw money in and make you pay to achieve higher levels of their 'consciousness,' of their 'past lives.'"

"This is just science fiction. They believe in aliens that brought us here from other planets millions and millions of years ago. The things I've learned, it is so mind boggling that people, if you tell them, they just think you're making things up." []

Thirty 911 Calls from Narconon Arrowhead in One Year

911 calls made about narconon arrowhead [OCT.10.12] Shocking information was received today from Oklahoma concerning 911 calls for emergency help by Narconon Arrowhead patients and staff. Documents confirm the sheriff’s office responding to patients being held against their will at the Scientology rehab compound in Canadian, Oklahoma.

In some cases, the officers intervened by entering the center and waiting with distraught patients until their parents or sponsor could safely pick them up without interference from Narconon Arrowhead’s staff.

Other 911 emergency calls detail searches for smuggled-in illegal drugs and several fires near cabins. More 911 call details later this week. []

FOX25 OKC Escaping Narconon Arrowhead Rehab
Fox25 [Jul.20.12] "I actually sent an officer up there to get her and brought her to my office where the mother picked her up here," said Sheriff Kerns. Ramsey says her daughter was not the only person who tried to leave Narconon Arrowhead after Murphy's death.

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