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WSBradio: Scientology's Narconon-Georgia Under New Scrutiny [Day 4]

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage
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WSBradio [OCT.07.12] WSB’s Pete Combs led a team of journalists from partners at Channel 2 Action News and the AJC on an investigation of Narconon of Georgia. Billing itself as an alternative to traditional treatments, Narconon is based on teachings from the Church of Scientology and has been in trouble already with state regulators. In fact, based on our reporting, the Department of Community Health reopened its investigation of Narconon. Testimony and other evidence in the case point to blurry lines between Narconon and housing where almost all of its clients stayed.

Drug Facility Under New Scrutiny [OCT.07.12] In a 2008 email obtained in evidence for the lawsuit, Rieser wrote to a Scientology-sponsored organization that Narconon representatives “sell the program and housing too.”
Former Narconon of Georgia legal liaison Allison Riepe said in her deposition that, at Rieser’s instructions, she doctored letterheads to remove mention of “outpatient drug treatment program” in correspondence with drug courts and probation officers.

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 When Patrick Desmond died, he and other Narconon clients were living in a complex where Scientologist Maria Delgado leased housing. She testified that she leased a dozen apartments for $850 to $950 a month each, then housed four addicts to an apartment at a charge to each of $1,500 to $1,700 a month. The upcharges included money for their meals and utilities, she testified.

Scientology's Narconon-Georgia
Other testimony shows some Narconon employees also worked and lived at the apartment complex, and Narconon provided the van to transport clients from the housing to wherever they needed to go.
State records also show that in March, 21 of 28 Narconon clients told a state investigator they believed they enrolled in residential care.
In an interview, Rieser said not to trust the addicts’ statements. “These are not the most truthful people here,” she said. []

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