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'Big List That Left Scientology' Listing Expands To 2000+

[OCT.28.12] WWP ~ For Immediate Release:

THOUSANDS of former members publicly condemn the Church of Scientology

WWP: Big List of Ex-Scientologists
Over 2,000 former members of the Church of Scientology Inc. have spoken out publicly against the organization according to a list researched and compiled by online activist group Anonymous over the past 3 years and released on October 28th 2012.

The individuals on the list have publicly spoken out under their real names against the abuses witnessed or experienced first-hand within the Church of Scientology, despite being subjected to intimidation and threats for doing so, under Scientology's "Fair Game" and "Disconnection" policies.

Ex-Scientologists Speak Out at '10 LA Press Conference
Ex-Scientologists / '10 LA Press Conference
Although the Church of Scientology publicly denies that these policies exist, there are first-person accounts in the news that these intimidation tactics are actively applied to this day. Most former members do not dare to publicly criticize the organization, largely because of thesis policies.

The extensiveness of this list demonstrates that there is a significant problem with the Church of Scientology, and counters all their claims in the media that so-called "disgruntled ex-members" or "apostates" are a "small group" or few in number.

BigList.Shows.It on Google-Sites
The list, which continues to grow daily, contains both names of individuals who no longer practice Scientology at all, as well as many others who do so outside the purview of the organization. What they have in common is that each of them has decided to step forward and tell the world what happened during their time within the Church of Scientology.

While their backgrounds vary widely, their stories are similar and many themes run throughout: rigid control of information, enforced disconnection from loved ones who are critical of the group, zealous campaigns to squeeze money from members, physical and emotional abuse of children and adults, slave labor camps designed to reinforce indoctrination, and many other disturbing practices.
• The IAS (International Association of Scientologists) received a little over 5 million dollars from just 70 of the people on the list.
• 699 people on the list have a combined total of over 13 thousand years of experience inside the organization.
• Below, a small sampling the the list of 2,000 names that may be familiar to some:
Larry Anderson, Gerry Armstrong, Jon Atack, Chuck Beatty, Jason Beghe, Derek Bloch, Maureen Bolstad, Kate Bornstein, Denise Brennan, John Brousseau, Luke Catton, Tory Christman, Christie Collbran, Debbie Cook, Bent Corydon, Brian Culkin, Laura DeCrescenzo, Karen de la Carriere, Rachel Denk, Tom De Vocht, Ramana Dienes-Browning, Samantha Domingo, John Duignan, Dennis Erlich, Dave and Synthia Fagen, Michael Fairman, Mark Fisher, Will Fry, Terri Gamboa, Luis Garcia, Maria Pia Gardini, Dan Garvin, Joy Graysen, Pete Griffiths, Chris Guider, Natalie Hagemo, Paul Haggis, Steve Hall, Scarlett Hanna, Jefferson Hawkins, Claire and Marc Headley, Bruce Hines, Lori Hodgson, Lynne Hoverson, Geir Isene, Mareka James, Michael Laws, Dani and Tami Lemberger, Arnie Lerma, Hy Levy, Paulien Lombard, Trey Lotz, Tiziano Lugli, Brian Mandigo, Nancy Many, Nan McLean, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Patty Moher, Gary Morehead, Kirsi Ojamo, Frank Oliver, Martin Padfield, Melissa Paris, Valeska Paris, Michael Pattinson, Mat Pesch, Steve Pfauth, Cindy and Matt Plahuta, Mark Plummer, Steve Poore, Karen Pressley, Jesse Prince, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Garry Scarff, Cathy Schenkelberg, Bert Schippers, Amy Scobee, Mark Shreffler, Andre Tabayoyon, Aida Thomas, Simi Valley, Cyril Vosper, Margery Wakefield, Roger Weller, Hana Whitfield, Lawrence Wollersheim, Astra Woodcraft, Bonnie Woods, Robert Vaughn Young, and Karla Zamudio
 "This is Scientology" Ex-Scientologists in Germany '08
Ex-Scientologists in Germany '08
Anonymous now celebrates the compilation and publication of a thousands-strong list of human voices no longer silenced, and never again alone. Documentation is provided for each name included in the list.

The list can be found online here: (shortcut:

There are thousands more who left, and have yet to come forward to tell their story, and there are also hundreds more who spoke out but did not want their names known for fear of retaliation. We hope that the courage of those named here empowers more people to come forward with their stories of abuse, and ultimately prevent such abuses from ever taking place again.

All remaining victims or witnesses of abuse within organized Scientology are invited to speak out and add their names and personal stories to the list.

Cult in your Backyard Ex-Scientologists Press Confrence '12
'Cult in your Backyard' Press Conference '12
Since February 2008, Anonymous has protested the crimes and abuses of the "Church of Scientology" and its many front groups. These protests, as well as public awareness efforts such as the Big List, will continue for as long as the abuses continue.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us.
WWP user “RightOn” in particular deserves to be credited, without whose meticulous attention to detail and persistent efforts this list would not have existed. RightOn started this labor of love as just a list of names on a scratch pad, and with the help of users on WWP has developed it into a serious research tool for critical evaluation of Scientology.

Thanks to anons on WWP and Tony Ortega.

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