Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ortega on Scientology’s Georgia Drug Rehab Hit with Media Onslaught

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage

Tony Ortega of the Underground Bunker blog
Tony Ortega
ortegaunderground [Oct.02.12] Tony has written several stories about the death of Patrick Desmond  and the stunning allegations of deception in the documents of that lawsuit. But now, McConnell and Touretzky’s perseverance is really paying off. Starting yesterday, a coordinated investigation by Atlanta radio and television stations kicked off a multi-part series, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is also reportedly getting in on the act.
It’s Armageddon for Narconon in Georgia.

The allegations in the case are infuriating. Documents in the lawsuit show that Narconon Georgia’s executive director, Mary Rieser, had set up a housing facility by having a couple of Scientologists lease a set of nearby apartments. But Narconon’s own documents show that the apartment building, One Sovereign Place, was poorly supervised by former patients who were drinking and doing drugs with the current patients. It was in that environment that Patrick Desmond drank heavily, then experimented with heroin, overdosed, and died. [continued @ ortegaunderground]

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