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WSB: Narconon Georgia Investigation [ Day 2 ] radio/tv

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage

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wsbradio.com [Sep.02.12] Yesterday WSB introduced us to the story of 28-year old Patrick Desmond… who came to the Atlanta area from Florida in hopes of kicking his drug and alcohol habit at an alternative rehab facility called Narconon of Georgia.

But what his parents were told was a secure inpatient treatment center turned out to be plagued with drugs and drinking. In the end… Patrick overdosed and died in June of 2008. In the second part of his investigation…  Pete Combs tells us Narconon of Georgia is accused of posing as an inpatient drug treatment program when it was nothing of the sort. Instead… the Desmonds say Narconon executives lied and faked documents in an effort to lure high-paying patients like their son.

WSBtv: State investigates Narconon Georgia after Channel 2 reveals new evidence

Narconon Georgia
WSB [Oct.02.12] A Georgia drug rehab program with ties to the Church of Scientology is now under a state investigation after Channel 2 Action News showed inspectors new evidence. The review comes after Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer spoke with an insider, ready to blow the whistle on lies told to the courts and the state.

Drug rehab programs in Georgia can be licensed in different ways. An inpatient program means patients have around-the-clock supervision and more state oversight. Outpatient programs treat addicts during the day only. But a Channel 2 investigation found an outpatient program that posed as inpatient to bring in more money and showed state leaders evidence they have missed for a decade. 

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Whistleblower: "It's all about the money"

Fleischer asked Riepe why Narconon allows people to stay if they're all using drugs and drinking. "Cause they're paying to be there. It's all about the money," Riepe responded. "Thirty thousand dollars is in the area of what we paid for the six months program," said Patrick's father, Rick Desmond. Desmond said the executive director assured him it was a residential program. Just like it's advertised on Narconon's website.
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