Saturday, October 6, 2012

RussiaToday: Has Scientology gone mad? [video]

Goddiscussion breaks down the RT report [Oct.06.12]  The Church of Scientology is facing growing scrutiny.  Russia Today (RT) visited with former members who had horror stories to report.
From Los Angeles, Karen de la Carriere told RT, "Little did I know how the Church of Scientology would destroy my family, turn my son against me, let his body lie in a morgue, deny me a last look."
The Village Voice reports that the 27-year-old son of Heber Jentzsch, the Church of Scientology's president, died on July 3. (note: Tony Ortega has since left the VV and continues to blog at ortegaunderground).

As to Heber Jentzsch, Jentzsch reportedly fell out of favor with the Church's leader and has been kept at "The Hole," according to reports from ex-Scientology members given to RT.  RT reports that he had not been seen since 2004.

Russia Today
Describing "The Hole," Steve Hall told RT, "That place was actually turned into an actual lock down prison."  Hall worked at the Church's international headquarters alongside Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Former Scientologists find the huge growth of membership in the church hard to believe. See The Big List That Left The Church of Scientology for more information.

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Russia Today: Scientology gone mad?
The Church of Scientology has come under fire recently after the high profile divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Now former members are coming forward with their horror stories. RT Correspondent Liz Wahl reports on a religion facing growing scrutiny.

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