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Dentist Ordered Pay $348K To Ex-employee. Scientology Involved.

Dr. Andrew Engel
Dr. Andrew Engel
RadarOnline [Oct.07.12] A dental hygienist has won $348,000 from her boss after she was forced to quit her job when he persistently demanded she attend a Scientology seminar.

Susan Muhleman's life was turned upside down after she refused to go to the three-day training session for life skills run by the controversial religion because it clashed with her Christian beliefs.

 Dr. Andrew W. Engel, who had posters of science fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in his Bend, Oregon office, threatened to fire Muhleman if she didn't go with her co-workers. [continued@radaronline]

 Released: 69 pgs of Documents on Oregon Dentist Ordered to Pay $348,000

Susan Muhleman
Susan Muhleman
[ortegaunderground] Tony Ortega contacted Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, and they sent over the 69-page order in the case, which is chock-full of fascinating detail about what dental hygienist Susan Muhleman went through when she objected in 2009 to being pushed by Engel to attend a Silkin Management Group symposium that October which would have instructed attendees in Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “Tone Scale” and other Scientology concepts.

As documents show, Muhleman had the presence of mind to do Internet research on Silkin, Hubbard’s tone scale, and Scientology’s incompatibility with her own faith, Christianity, before telling Engel that she refused to attend the symposium. The state agency agreed with her that she had every right to refuse, and its award is one of the highest it has ever ordered. [continued@ortegaunderground]

Dentists, Consultants, Scientology, Oh-My!

Scientology’s business management front group, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, or WISE, tends to target dentists, chiropractors, and ophthalmologists for recruitment. Below are several stories on dentists that were introduced to Scientology via consulting companies and their experiences in attempting to leave.

Time (1991): The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
Many dentists who have unwittingly been drawn into the cult are filing or threatening lawsuits as well. Dentist Robert Geary of Medina, Ohio, who entered a Sterling seminar in 1988, endured "the most extreme high-pressure sales tactics I have ever faced."

 Sterling officials told Geary, 45, that their firm was not linked to Scientology, he says. but Geary claims they eventually convinced him that he and his wife Dorothy had personal problems that required auditing.
Over five months, the Gearys say, they spent $130,000 for services, plus $50,000 for "gold-embossed, investment-grade" books signed by Hubbard. Geary contends that Scientologists not only called his bank to increase his credit card limit but also forged his signature on a $20,000 loan application. "It was insane," he recalls. "I couldn't even get an accounting from them of what I was paying for."

At one point, the Gearys claim, Scientologists held Dorothy hostage for two weeks in a mountain cabin, after which she was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown.

Glover and Dee Rowe
Sterling broke some bad news to another dentist, Glover Rowe of Gadsden, Ala., and his wife Dee. Tests showed that unless they signed up for auditing Glover's practice would fail, and Dee would someday abuse their child.

The next month the Rowes flew to Glendale, Calif., where they shuttled daily from a local hotel to a Dianetics center.

"We thought they were brilliant people because they seemed to know so much about us," recalls Dee. "Then we realized our hotel room must have been bugged." After bolting from the center, $23,000 poorer, the Rowes say, they were chased repeatedly by Scientologists on foot and in cars.

Scientology's Sterling Group: Interview of Dentists Defrauded
1/26/00 - These two dentists from the Chicago area were defrauded by WISE and demanded a refund from the Church of Scientology. Expecting trouble in their attempt to get their money back from Scientology. They contacted the LMT (lisa mcpherson trust) in Clearwater, Fla. Mark Bunker flew to Chicago to do a video interview with them. (also, a back-story involving Scientology in that situation)

Scientology: "Speaking Freely" Chiropractors
Ed & Tera Hattaway explain to Mark Bunker in a 2000 interview how their lives were derailed after joining Scientology to help them succeed with their chiropractic business.

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