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WSB: Georgia Narconon Under Fire [Day1] radio/tv

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage
Patrick Desmond
Patrick Desmond [Oct.01.12]  The lawsuit filed by Patrick Desmond’s family against Narconon of Georgia is one of several filed against the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Last month, the parents of Hillary Holten sued Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma after she died while in that facility’s care.

 Holton, who died April 11, was one of three Narconon Arrowhead patients to die while under the facility’s care in a span of 12 months. Stacy Dawn Murphy, 20, of Owasso, Oklahoma, died at Narconon Arrowhead on July 19. Gabriel Graves, 32, died last October. In 2009, Kasie Dianne Wernink, 28, died at Narconon Arrowhead. Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns told the local newspaper his report on the deaths had been filed with the district attorney’s office. First Assistant DA Richard Hull said his office is awaiting toxicology reports before deciding whether charges will be filed.

 At first glance, the civil suit filed by Holten’s parents reads much like the suit filed by the Desmond family. [continued @ wsb]

Narconon Debunked by its own Expert

wsb radio narconon search [Oct.01.12] Narconon describes itself as an “alternative” drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that emphasizes communication, self-control and drug-free detoxification in accordance with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the late science fiction writer and founder of the Church of Scientology.
The program claims a “success rate” of up to 76-percent. But even the organization’s own expert court witness in the lawsuit filed by Patrick Desmond’s parents against Narconon of Georgia cast doubt on that figure.
 Speaking during a deposition in the case, Dr. Louis A. Casal was asked by plaintiff’s attorney Jeff Harris if he believe that 76-percent success ratio to be accurate. [Read part of that deposition @ wsb]

Day 1: WSB report on Narconon of Georgia

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Narconon is a non-profit organization that bills itself as an “alternative” drug rehab program. It’s not a 12-step program… some of its teachings are radical… and it’s been in trouble with state regulators in the past. Now… WSB, Channel 2 Action News and the AJC on an investigation of Narconon of Georgia… after the death of a young man whose parents are suing the rehab facility they had hoped would save his life.


TV2 Investigates: Patient death at Georgia Narconon

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click image to watch broadcast [Oct.01.12] Desmond's death in 2008 came as he took part in a worldwide drug treatment program, Narconon, already under fire for other patient deaths and ties to the Church of Scientology.  A Channel 2 investigation is raising questions about the Narconon program and its license in Georgia.

"As a parent, you're desperate. You want to get your child help. And besides, being court-ordered, my son wanted the help. He knew he needed the help," Desmond's mother, Colleen Desmond, said.

Desmond told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer they found Narconon of Georgia on the Internet. Colleen Desmond toured the classrooms in Norcross and visited the apartments at One Sovereign Place off Roswell Road.  "We were assured all along the line, this was an inpatient situation," Desmond said. Desmond said she had spoken to Mary Rieser, executive director of Narconon of Georgia. 
[continued @ wsbtv]

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