Thursday, March 19, 2009

KESQ: Scientology's Secret Prison Workforce Part 1

Jeff Hawkins interview Part 1

KESQ-News Channel 3 sent former Scientology marketing director and Portland, OR. resident Jeff Hawkins to KATU-TV, the local ABC television station, where he revealed what happened during his years inside Scientology's world headquarters in Hemet, CA. called "IntBase." His account of what goes on behind these fences is one of religious punishment and imprisonment [part 1 of 2 below].[2 of 2]

A slavery PSA created by Anonymous using Scientology's own 'human rights' PSA and past television interviews from former 'inmates' of Scientology's prison/work force (RPF/SEAORG), to show how hypocritical the Scientology cult actually is.[below]

• backup link for video above: PSA: Scientology's Own Slaves

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